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Easy Analitycs

We provide tools for collecting, processing and exporting all the necessary statistics for maximum control and analysis of your applications operation.


We offer you mobile applications for more effective interaction with your employees.


We consider all the options for optimizing the cost of development and reducing the cost of maintaining your applications.

Solid Protection

We use the latest achievements of information security to minimize the risks.

Customer testimonials

We play win-win only
Andrey Fomenko, Vice President & CTO at videoNEXT Federal, Inc.

The help from Metacom team in improving our Mobile Application was very professional and delivered in a timely manner. The interaction between our teams was excellent and problem-free, despite the time difference.

Olga Gerasimenko, Project Manager at ArgoATV

Long-term cooperation has confirmed the correctness of our choice. The ability to understand of the client is a distinguishing feature of the Metacom team.

Andrei Krupko, Founder and CEO at Multistand

Flexibility in solving tasks and a thorough knowledge of the tools provided our business with a reliable and functional platform for further growth.

Sirena Rupner, Project manager at Infocentric, LTD

Excellent value for an equal quality is a good reason to choose this company in a market full of offers.

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Individual attention and proven flexibility

Mobile development

  • Sketching Your Idea
  • Prototype Building And Testing
  • Building the Designs for Your App
  • Building the Back-end
  • Testing the UX
  • Beta Testing
  • Release to the Market
  • Maintenance

Backend for applications

  • Project Proposal
  • Defining Requirements
  • Developing a Strategy
  • Prototype Building And Testing
  • Building the Back-end services
  • Beta Testing
  • Release to the Market
  • Maintenance

Frequently asked questions

We walk in your shoes on the project
How much does it cost ?
It is clear that the cost of each project is calculated based on the amount of work. There are no two identical projects and there is no predetermined cost. However, there are a lot of nuances that affect the final cost. Our main task is to build long-term relationships with our customers. Reducing the cost of development with this approach is beneficial to both sides.
How long will it take ?
Time, like cost, is difficult to calculate immediately. If necessary, we can connect additional developers to the project, which would shorten development time. At the initial stage, we negotiate preliminary terms with clients and update them as the project progresses. Also, we prefer to break the project into modules and connect them as they develop, in order to speed up the return on the invested money for our customers.
Can we make changes to the project ?
Experience shows that very few people can make an exact list of requirements for the project immediately. To facilitate forecasting and increase the transparency of development, we divide the development into small steps, at the end of which it is possible to make changes. Because the duration of the project can be measured in months, it helps our customers to receive products corresponding to the current state of the market.
How can I track the development status ?
We use special tools that allow our clients to see the list of developer tasks, test results and be the part of development process.
Where are you located ?
Our main office is located in the very center of Europe - Bratislava. We also have a development center in Ukraine, which allows us to provide the highest quality at reasonable prices.
What is required to start cooperation ?
First of all, you have a problem that you can not (do not want or do not know how) to solve on your own. Unfortunately, we, for the present, are not magicians and can not solve all your problems. However, IT technology is able to help solve a lot more problems than sometimes it seems.

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